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Academic Entrance Scholarships 2015 / 14

Academic Average Scholarship Total Semester One Scholarship Total Semester Two Scholarship Total Semester Three Scholarship Total Semester Four Scholarship Total Semester Five
85% & Over Massage Therapy $400 $400 $400 $400 $400
85% & Over Paramedic $400 $400 $400 $400 N/A
80% & Over Medical Admin $200 $200 $200 n/a n/a
80% & Over Dispatch $200 $200 n/a n/a n/a
80% & Over Culinary Arts $200 $200 $200 n/a n/a

These are entrance scholarships only and application must be made before the start of a new program. Students must be enrolled as a full time student and maintain a minimum 85% / 80% overall average to renew their scholarship each semester. A scholarship will be withdrawn if the overall average at the end of a semester falls below 85% / 80%.

How and When Are Entrance Scholarship Offers Made?

Entrance Scholarship average is calculated based on the overall average of the last academic institution where a diploma or a degree was granted. Apply Now

*Students can apply either to the Bursary or the scholarship (but not both).


The criteria for the $2000.00 bursary for the Massage Therapy, Culinary Arts, Communication Dispatcher and Medical/Dental Office Administration programs at The Ontario College of Health and Technology are as follows:

  1. A “B” average or higher
  2. Excellent, but not necessarily perfect, attendance,
  3. The financial expense of post secondary education could be a burden
  4. And/or any other reasons the school staff may see a student as deserving.

Please apply through your guidance counselor.

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