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We have programs in Health and Technology and we pride ourselves with standing out from other Colleges by offering a personal and welcoming environment where our students thrive.
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Providing Exceptional
Programs for 15 Years

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and intuition to attend to individuals in need of their care. We teach our students to treat their patients with kindness, compassion and understanding, using genuine intention in their interactions and to treat without judgment while delivering the highest possible level care.

OCHT has been providing education to students since 2006

Ontario College of Health & Technology is registered as a Career College under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. Our mission is to provide a learning experience for students based on trust, respect, optimism and intentionality, the assumptions of invitational education. 

Our Mission and Philosophy

The College strives to learn what it is that students really want and need, to deliver it consistently and then, make it even better. The focus is to provide quality private education in an exceptional school environment.

Why Choose OCHT?

When you are deciding to enroll in any college program, choosing the college is one of the most important decisions you will make. You will be making a large investment of time and money so take your time and talk to as many different colleges as you can. When investigating a potential college consider the following:

Your personal needs and preferences:

What size school do you prefer? Are you comfortable in a small town? In the city? What will your living expenses be and what can you afford without having to work too many hours? Does commuting make sense for you? What kind of living arrangements can you make? Do you have good supports (friends and family) to help you out? Is child care available?

The “feel” of the school:

Is the staff friendly and helpful? Are you welcome to visit and sit in on classes? Is the admission process easy or too difficult? Are you satisfied that the school sets high admission standards? Are you provided with information that clearly explains the school’s requirements, the tuition and other expenses, and application process? Does the school sign a contract with its students? Do you feel at home in the atmosphere of the school? Do you have the opportunity to speak to current students and/or graduates? Do you like what you hear?

The College Programs:

Is the class schedule reasonable to accommodate your other responsibilities and commitments?Is there a work/education placement in the program to strengthen your educational experience?Do you have to arrange your own work/education placements or does the college make the arrangements for you?Does the college utilize the most recent editions of relevant text books for the courses?If there is a governing body that regulates the program?Has the college purchased the latest competencies from the governing body, for the curriculum?

The College Facilities:

Are its facilities adequate to deliver its program? Does the college have a student lounge? Does the college have a bookstore and refreshments easily accessible to students?Are the washrooms clean and well stocked with supplies?Is there parking available for students?What is the additional cost for parking?Does the college have wireless internet available to students?

The College Faculty:

What are the student/teacher ratios in the school’s various educational experiences? Does the school have teachers with strong reputations in the field? What is the school’s teacher turnover rate? Does it have an on-going teacher professional development program?

The College Policies:

In addition to the tuition, are there any other costs related to the programs?Are the school’s academic policies clearly stated? What happens if a student fails? Are students given transcripts/progress reports during the program? Does the school have a code of ethics or dress code?Are there services for students with special needs? Do the students have a representative voice that is listened to?

Other Important Questions:

Is the school in good standing with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities? What are its professional affiliations? Is the school a member of its local Chamber of Commerce?

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We provide a learning experience for students based on trust, respect, optimism, and internationality.
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Ontario College of Health & Technology

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