Accelerated Massage Therapy Diploma

This program will build upon your academic foundation, adding knowledge and skills pertaining to health sciences, clinical sciences, clinical practice, professional practice.
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Program Details

  • Length: 45 weeks (3 semesters)

“The practice of Massage Therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain “

Massage Therapy Act, 1991

The accelerated massage therapy program is a 3-semester program designed for students with a kinesiology degree and a proficiency in musculoskeletal anatomy, biomechanics and rehabilitative exercises. This program will build upon their academic foundation, adding knowledge and skills pertaining to health sciences, clinical sciences, clinical practice, professional practice.

There is a self-study component to this program. The complexity of massage techniques progresses from an introductory level to a highly skilled set of treatment skills. Ethics, legislation and practice management concepts are added and interwoven throughout the program, along with orthopedic assessment and rehabilitation skills. Students increasingly apply their skills in the student clinic and through patient outreach experiences

Entrance Requirements

  • University Kinesiology Degree
  • Current Standard First Aid & CPR Level C
  • Clear Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Clearance
  • English Language Proficiency

Application Process

Application Process Open: October 1, 2021

1. Submit an Inquiry using the form on the website

2. Receive an email with information about the application process.

3. Complete the Questionnaire using the emailed link AND send University Transcripts to the Director of Academics.

4. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) will take up to 4 weeks. For possible outcomes, see below.

5. After review of submitted documentation, you will be notified of the result. You will be invited to schedule a meeting with the Massage Therapy Program Coordinator.

6. if you are a suitable candidate for the program, you will be informed. You will also be informed of any added requirements, such as an Entrance Exam or Self-Study Learning Modules and Testing. Entrance Exam dates will be December, January, and February 2022. Self-Study Learning Modules and Testing will occur beginning in January 2022.

7. Acceptances will be sent out beginning March 1, 2022

Possible outcomes of the PLA include:

A. Suitable candidate in all subject areas, offer of admission may be granted.

B. Suitable candidate in most subject areas. Self-study and testing required prior to program commencement for the subject area in question.

C. Suitable candidate, except degree completion was greater than 5 years prior. Entrance Exam required.

Provincial Regulators and Other Professional Bodies

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Preliminary Accreditation Granted

Preliminary Accreditation Granted

The Full time, Accelerated and Advanced standing Massage Therapy Programs at Ontario College of Health and Technology have been granted Preliminary Accreditation, the first step in the CMTCA accreditation process. Following a site visit to verify compliance with the standards, CMTCA will issue a final accreditation decision.

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